In this chapter, we will explain into details the various stages of administrative formalities of your wedding in Mauritius.

It is vital that you can be sure of the validity of this marriage, so we surround ourselves with the
best service providers in the field and we will fully comply with the procedure.


At least 2 months and 1/2 before your arrival, we will need a legible copy of the documents listed
below to reach us, so we can prepare the preliminary formalities for you.
- Passport
- Birth Certificate
- If one of them has been adopted: a letter of introduction should be attached to the file
- Official document if name change
- Divorce Decree (if applicable)
- Death certificate and previous marriage certificate (if applicable)
- Official agreement of parents in cases of minor
- Occupation
- Current address

- Copy required for each future spouse
- Please bring all original documents mentioned above when you arrive in Mauritius.
- The couple will be in Mauritius at least 3 days before the wedding.
- Documents must be in English or French otherwise they must be officially translated
- A widow or divorcee is not allowed to remarry within 300 days after divorce or widowhood. 
  the marriage may be possible provided that the widow or divorcee is subject to a medical test in 
  Mauritius Island and that this test confirms that she is not pregnant. Should the test is positive,
  the marriage can not take place.
- The future spouses have before their marriage, the choice between three Matrimonial system.  
    > 1) The legal regime of community of property
    > 2) The legal regime of separate property
    > 3) A treaty regime established by a notary, according to the common will of the intending 
Note: If couple chooses the regime 2 or 3, couple will have to submit the original act of notary to
         the Civil Status Officer, the marriage celebrant will then insert that statement on the 
         marriage certificate. 

The Formalities:

Upon arrival in Mauritius, we will contact you and accompany you in Port Louis, the capital, for the
usual formalities to be completed before the wedding:

- Step 1: we take you to the Civil Status, where the receiver will check your original documents 
             (passport, birth certificate,...)

- Step 2: we take you at the Attorney. He will read the laws regarding weddings in Mauritius and
             will prepare you to swear an Affidavit at the Supreme Court. He will check with you, all 
             information taken from the documents sent before arriving in Mauritius and he will then 
             insert it on an official certificate 

- Step 3: we take you to the Supreme Court. There, you will swear before the Registrar that all 
             details listed on the official certificate prepared and signed by the attorney, are true. 
             This is called "An affidavit swearing".

- Step 4: After all these procedure at Port Louis, we will take you to the Civil Status Office at your
             place of residence in Mauritius. Here you will find the Civil Status Officer, who will be 
             present on the day of your civil marriage. He will check all documents and proceed with
             the publication of banns, which takes 24 hours. 

- Step 5:The Civil Status Officer will collect your signatures at the mariage. Kindly be informed 
             that Civil Status Officer does not celebrate any wedding on weekends and public holidays.

- Step 6: In the following days of the ceremony, we will file your marriage certificate to the 
             administation Office situated in Port Louis , so they apostillised and put the First Minister
             Seal of Mauritius. For French couple, these certificates will be previously translated. 
             Finally, we shall send you back the appostillied certificate via DHL.


- Registration
- Affidavit for the couple
- Transfer for the couple's, place of residence to Port Louis, and Civil Status Office in the district 
  of the town. 
- Transfer for the Civil Status Registrar Officer (from his office to place of wedding ceremony)
- Coordinations fees

We charge you the sum of Rs 26,000 (approx. 650 Euros)

For all questions in organising your wedding in Mauritius, kindly contact Mathieu Mamet:
       > (00230) 498 77 67